October 17, 2011

World’s Best Masters Train in Stormy Conditions for the Start of the El Salvador ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

The situation in El Salvador is delicate. Strong wind and rain made President Funes call a "State of Emergency". Pictured above: two surfers prepare to paddle out at Punta Roca. Photo: ISA/Watts

The situation in El Salvador is delicate. Strong wind and rain made President Funes call a "State of Emergency". Pictured above: two surfers prepare to paddle out at Punta Roca. Photo: ISA/Watts

President of El Salvador, Mauricio Funes, called a State of Emergency in the country after seven consecutive days of torrential rains forcing the event start to be postponed

The ISA, event organizer Gray Line Avitours, the competitors and coaches are committed to helping the town of La Libertad make it through one of the worst storms in recent years

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El Salvador ISA World Masters Surfing Championship
October 16, 2011
La Libertad, El Salvador

Now that registration is officially closed, the record-breaking 124 registered competitors are now giving their full attention to the world’s largest Masters surfing event in the sport’s history.

The greatest event ever to be held in El Salvador coincided with the storm of the year, with torrential rains and menacing windsforcing the start of the event to be postponed.

The Masters surfers from 21 countries are also dedicating their off day Monday to help the people of the town of La Libertad, as many of them have been forced to evacuate their homes. A beach clean-up at the event site, Punta Roca, is organized for Monday. The ISA and Greyline Avitours have also begun a fundraiser to help the locals displaced by the storm.

Still, in the midst of an emergency situation, the Masters National Teams have kept their spirits up while practicing on Punta Roca’s long, stormy rights.

Former World Tour top-16 competitor, Hawaiian Ross Williams, wrote on his Twitter account, “Had two really fun surfs here in El Salvador today. Super stoked to see some old faces from back in the day. Tom Curren was out too!”

On the other hand, another former World Tour top-16, Australian Toby Martin, while checking the tough conditions, said, “What a great experience this is! I got to talk to a couple of old mates yesterday like Ross Williams and Jojo de Olivença, and Ross went on to say that it is like being back in 1992, catching up with the boys and having good times. Although there is an overwhelming sense of competitiveness, there is camaraderie as well. We are here to compete against the other nations, but also to have a good time and put on a great display of surfing.”

“I surfed a little bit yesterday, it was a bit stormy but the wave looks pretty good, looks like a lot of fun,” said Three-Time World Champion, Tom Curren (USA) who is making his debut in the event. “This is my first ISA Masters event; it’s really good that they (the ISA) come to places like El Salvador that has good quality waves. I think everybody is happy to be here to compete. We have a good team, so we’re pretty optimistic about doing well, but there are a lot of other good teams.”

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about El Salvador, I have some friends that come down here a lot and they always told me how great it is. The waves are kind of similar to what we have in California but the water is warm and the people are really nice and the country is beautiful. The wave looks a lot like Rincon, that’s where I live, but I just got here so I only saw it when it was stormy, I’m sure it gets a lot better,” ended Curren, who had a free surf session yesterday where he was pointed out as the standout of the day.

South African Graeme Field carves in stormy Punta Roca. Photo: ISA/Guincho

South African Graeme Field carves in stormy Punta Roca. Photo: ISA/Guincho

Competitors from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela are getting ready for when the event start.

ATTENTION: Due to the emergency situation the country is in, the start of the event as well as the opening ceremony has been postponed.  The event is now scheduled to start Tuesday, 8am local time. 

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